The Purjes Foundation

Support For Many Worthwhile Causes

The Purjes Foundation supports many varied worthwhile causes, ranging from education to land conservation to zoology.

In general, these contributions are of a passive nature and smaller in size. While these are causes of personal interest to Dan or Edna (“Ed”) Purjes, the Purjes Foundation’s Trustees, they generally do not get directly or actively involved with the charity to which they have contributed funds.

Occasionally, Dan or Ed might get more involved with a charity, and even join its Board of Directors or Advisors, but in recent years they have restricted such activity to the health-related work sponsored by the Purjes Foundation.  Dan has been, or is currently serving, on the Boards of the American Tinnitus Association, the Abraham Fund, the Salt Lake Film Society, the Plantrician Project, Plant-Based Utah, the International Journal of Disease Reversal & Prevention, the Disease Reversal Association and other non-profit organizations.