The Purjes Foundation

Disease Reversal Digest

The Disease Reversal Digest (the “Digest”) presents the important research published in the International Journal of Disease Reversal & Prevention in layman’s terms. It is targeted at the general public and the media.

No existing medical journal is written in language that the every-day person can easily understand. This is a huge problem and is particularly disturbing when it is realized that tax payer’s money is what funds most research that gets published in those medical journals. Shouldn’t it be possible, if not mandatory, that the tax-paying public have access to the research it funds in a manner it can understand?

That is the reason for the Digest.

In the field of medical research, what can be more important than preventing and reversing disease? With more than one-third of the population suffering from chronic disease, it is imperative that people have access to reliable and credible scientific information that they can easily understand. That is not available today.

That is the reason for the Digest.

More money is spent on health-related issues than anything else in today’s economy. On an individual level, people spend more time and money on health matters than almost any other matter. Yet there are few places for them to turn to learn how to reverse disease and prevent it.

That is the reason for the Digest.

It is anticipated that the ease of understanding the articles in the Digest will appeal not only to the public, but to the media.  The Digest will make it much easier for the media to describe the latest research in disease reversal and how it can be actualized in the every-day lives of people.

The Digest contains articles by people who have reversed their disease, in their own language. Nothing is more inspiring to others who suffer from similar diseases.