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Press Release – July 17, 2018

Dan Purjes co-authoring new health book

Chronicling the effects of a plant-based diet

(Salt Lake City, Utah) ‐‐ Dan Purjes, co-founder of the Purjes Foundation, is teaming with Dr. Scott Stoll through a new book to educate people about the potential effect of plant-based, whole-food diets in reversing chronic diseases.

"If you or someone in your family was diagnosed with a debilitating disease, you would want to learn as much as possible about that disease, especially if there was a way to reverse it," says Dan Purjes. "There are lots of stories of people who have successfully reversed chronic disease, but there is no book that presents them. Our book will contain real-life stories by people who have reversed terrible diseases."

Dr. Scott Stoll is the Chairman and co-founder of the Plantrician Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating physicians and other healthcare professionals about the benefits of plant-based nutrition. The Plantrician Project has 30,000 physicians and healthcare professionals in its network, and annually hosts the International Plant-based Healthcare Conference attended by over 1,000 physicians.

Dr. Stoll says, "This book is for all of the people who have struggled against chronic diseases and secretly hoped for a better way, a true solution to their challenges. We believe all of the inspiring transformational testimonies of people who learned how to eat to defeat chronic diseases will not only motivate readers but will also provide a clear pathway to success for others to follow."

Purjes and Stoll are partnering together to fill this void with a new book that will chronical true stories of people who switched to a plant-based diet and the amazing results they received because of it.

"Our book, DISEASE REVERSAL CHRONICLES: True Stories by People Who Have Reversed Chronic Disease Naturally, is intended to provide encouragement and support to people who are trying to halt and naturally reverse their chronic diseases, such as heart-disease, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, autoimmune diseases and even cancer," explains Purjes. Lianna Purjes, his daughter, will also be a co-author.

The book will also contain explanations by prominent physicians of how such a lifestyle brings about disease reversal, how to convert to a plant-based lifestyle, and what to expect. There will be recipes and other useful guides for those interested in halting the progression of disease in their bodies and reversing existing chronic disease.

The book is expected to be available in early 2019.


The Purjes Foundation is a private charitable trust established by Dan and Edna Purjes. Its mission is to educate people about how they can reverse and prevent chronic diseases through a plant‐based, whole foods lifestyle. The Foundation achieves its mission by funding documentary films, clinical trials, medical journals and other health‐related projects.

The Plantrician Project is a non-profit organization with 30,000 physicians and healthcare professionals with a strong interest in plant-based nutrition. The Plantrician Project provides them with education and materials they can disseminate to their patients about the healthful benefits of plant-based nutrition. 

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